When Technology Fails You

25 Jan

My good friend, Mike Schnieder, was nice enough to come by OpenView for a podcast session on Location Based Services.  I was excited to cover this topic with Mike, who was a book on LBS coming out in the summer, but beyond that, I was just happy to spend time geeking out with a good friend.

The podcast started out great…until I looked behind me and noticed that GarageBand had crashed and that none of our stimulating conversation had been captured!  I could feel the steam coming through my ears…what is more embarrassing than telling someone that all of the great content you just created is…GONE?!  Part of me was glad it was Mike and not someone I had no relationship with, but another part of me was super self-conscious about the fact that the one job I had for the day *recording that podcast* was a failure.

We were able to record one full podcast and a few clips of other conversations, but I left the day feeling guilty and slightly sub-par.  As cliche as it is, I very much hate coming up short of perfection.  We left with one great podcast and some scraps that I hoped could be mended together to form some form of coherent audio.  When I started to edit the scraps… I quickly realized that the quality of the content was not good enough, not just for my standards, but for OpenView and Mike as well.  What to do…what to do?

Though Mike was nice enough to offer to come into our studio space to record again, I felt horrible about putting him out.  Instead, I spent about an hour jury rigging a workaround which allowed me to record a Skype conversation through GarageBand.  It wasn’t pretty…but finally…it worked!  To me, there is no greater feeling than accomplishing something you were sure was impossible only seconds before.

Though today was incredibly frustrating, I am very happy with myself for persevering and for accomplishing something I didn’t know I could.

So without further adieu, please enjoy the first podcast I recorded using Skype:

Episode 17: Taking LBS Mainstream – Featuring Mike Schneider


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