Pet Peeve: Linking Twitter and LinkedIn

26 Feb

Keep Your LinkedIn Updates Relevant!

One of my biggest pet peeves is having my LinkedIn stream taken up by 2-3 individuals’ tweets (My peers at OpenView Venture Partners can attest to this…I complain about it often).  LinkedIn gives you the option to link your accounts, but this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Here are my top 3 reasons you SHOULDN’T link Twitter and LinkedIn:

  • You tweet a lot, about all kinds of topics: That’s not a bad thing! Twitter is a great place for sharing information, links and opinions on a large variety of topics.  LinkedIn, on the other hand, is much more professionally focused.  While your Twitter followers may get a chuckle at your Lady GaGa Grammy joke, LinkedIn is really not the best showcase for that content.
  • You often tweet opinions that may be counter to those your company would like you expressing: So you just tweeted “That lunch at McDonalds just made me so sick–Why is their food so gross?!”… harmless enough, right?  Not so if McDonalds happens to be one of your biggest clients and you are connected to one of their leaders on LinkedIn. Why is it OK to tweet that and it’s not OK to post it on LinkedIn? Well, I would argue that you shouldn’t have tweeted it in the first place, but LinkedIn is amplifying your reach to an audience that knows you and your business better.  Not good!
  • You re-tweet a lot: Re-tweeting on Twitter, good.  Re-tweeting on LinkedIn? Talk about annoying, not only is my LinkedIn stream overflowing with your tweets…but they aren’t even your tweets!  Re-tweeting is awesome on Twitter, but LinkedIn doesn’t lend itself to that type of update.

If you meet the following criteria, I feel it is OK to link your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts:

  1. You only tweet once a day (maximum)
  2. You only tweet about topics relating to your area of professional expertise
  3. You never tweet, ever

Get the point? If you want SOME of your tweets to appear in your LinkedIn stream, you can change your settings so that when you include the hashtag “#in” your tweet will automatically be posted on LinkedIn.  This is the perfect alternative for those that tweet a lot, but not always about work.

It is important to be as buttoned up as possible and this is a simple way to avoid annoying your business connections while still updating your LinkedIn status with relevant information. If your LinkedIn stream isn’t relevant, people will start to ignore your updates–that isn’t helpful when one of your main goals could be driving website traffic!  No one said B2B social media was easy; it takes time and patience!

What do you think about linking social accounts?

This blog originally appeared on the OpenView Venture Partners Blog:


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