Twitter Nuances

2 Mar

Not all replies are created equal!


I just posted the following on my corporate blog and was really happy to see the response.  As I predicted, SO many people were not aware of this Twitter nuance–ever active users of the social platform!  Here is the post–I hope it is helpful!

Each day I am surprised to see the number of people who get this one wrong.  These are people who are AVID Twitter users and social media junkies.  For some reason, a lot of people missed the memo on this nuance…so, as the resident B2B social media geekI am here to distribute the memo for all of you:

If you send a tweet like this “@coreyolo’s blog is great!” it will ONLY be shown in my timeline and the timeline of those following me!  So if you are trying to turn your followers onto a great blog [thanks for that, by the way!] and you use the above tweet, you are only going to reach a select part of your followers.  The only way others would see that tweet is if they went directly to your profile, then all tweets are visible.

So, when you want a tweet to be see by all your followers, be sure to include some characters before the @reply.  “Reading @coreyolo’s blog–it is great” will be shown to everyone! You will have a hard time driving website traffic if no one sees your tweet!


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