26 Mar

I know what you are thinking…you need another social network like you need a hole in the head, right?  I hear you, I really do! That’s why you have to trust me when I say this tool is valuable enough for expansion stage companies to add on to their already crowded plates.
This is an internal social media tool that will grow your company’s knowledge and build a stronger team feel at your organization.

Yammer isn’t new; it was founded in 2008 and has been described as “the enterprise version of Twitter”.  This enterprise network has grown from a microblogging only network to a full social network, with added features to include file sharing and direct messaging.

Think of it as your own secure social network for your company to share the best information and ideas with each other. Everyone from your founder/CEO to your intern can post links they feel will benefit the growth or development of the greater company.  You can comment on other’s posts and provide your opinion on topics that are brought up.  Overall, it is a great way to be sure everyone is educated on the “what’s new” in your particular area of focus (not such an easy task with the 24 hour news cycle)!

This tool can help develop thought leadership amongst your team members, keep you up to speed on technology trends, and plays perfectly into a content marketing strategy.  If everyone knows what is going on in your field, they will be more up to speed on the pain points of your customers.

Do you use Yammer?

This blog originally appeared on the OpenView Venture Partners Blog: http://blog.openviewpartners.com/blog/core-marketing/b2b-social-media-yammer-for-startups


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