Tosh.0 = Content Curation

2 Apr

What is content curation? As content marketers, we get this question ALL the time, especially now that curation is becoming an even more important part of our online marketing strategy–and when I try to explain in laymen’s terms, I find myself bumbling a bit, but Paratus Communications says it well:

Content creation is the organizing and sharing of the most relevant content on a finite subject – in other words, it requires a recognition that people outside your own organization have relevant things to say and that adding this insight to your own commentary makes you a better resource within the communities you operate in.

But if you really want to break it down for your non-marketing friends, I suggest comparing your work to that of Tosh.0 – the internet clip based show on Comedy Central.  This features the best (or worst, depending on who you ask) video clips from the internet curated by the host, Daniel Tosh.  True to the definition above, Tosh provides “insight” and “commentary” into the clips, adding additional value for the viewer.  Check out the clip below for an example–this whole segment is based on one internet video, which is then commented on and evolved to create new, unique content.

Tosh breaks his show up into interesting segments, showcasing different curation styles.  Two examples are “Web Redemptions” where those who were embarrassed on the internet get the chance at a re-do and “Video Breakdowns” where he has 20 seconds to come up with as many funny comments as possible about a video.  This strategy keeps things fresh throughout the 30 minute program.So, if curation is part of your content marketing strategy, throw out Tosh.0 as an example when you are trying to describe curation to non-marketers.  Though I’m not sure we should look to Tosh.0 as an example of a best practice process, there are definitely lessons to learn!

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