B2B Social Media: Timing Your Marketing Efforts

11 Apr

A few weeks ago, HubSpot hosted a webinar on The Science of Timingwhich was easily the most informative webinar I have ever attended.  I left the webinar with actionable next


steps and great ideas to implement in our online marketing strategy.

Here are my key takeaways from this awesome webinar:

Social Media:

  • Retweets increase later in the day – tweet more then
  • Don’t be afraid to post over the weekend – schedule tweets for that time
  • Those with the most followers tweet an average of 22 times/day – don’t be afraid to tweet too much!
  • It is OK to tweet the same link multiple times – use a different teaser so it doesn’t get repetitive
  • Weekends are best for Facebook sharing – remember many people cannot access Facebook while at work


  • Morning is when most people read email so send your emails earlier in the day so they can read them before leaving the house
  • Open rates are highest on the weekend when there is less competition and CTRs are higher on the weekend
  • Don’t be afraid to email more than once a week – unsubscribe rates don’t increase that much and other results remain about the same
  • Unsubscribes are not a bad thing!  They are doing you a favor by making your list better


  • Men read blogs at night; women read blogs in the morning
  • Blogs are read more during the week than on weekends
  • Blogs published at 10am get the most views
  • Comments spike on Saturday and Sunday and early in the morning
  • Links are the highest for blog posts on Monday and Thursday

These are great tips to implement into your content marketing strategy and I really recommend that all marketers view the webinar.  Hopefully through implementing a few small changes we will all be driving website traffic and engagement at a higher rate!

This blog originally appeared on the OpenView Venture Partners Blog: http://bit.ly/fah21o


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