Yawn: Google+ Branded Pages

7 Nov

I know, can you believe it? The same chick who told you you “need to care” about Google+ is now “meh” about G+ for business?! For shame.

But it’s true and I’m not alone – check out my latest blog post over on the Daily Fix. It’s chalked full of sass so I’m sure you’ll like it 🙂

Marketers React: Google+ Branded Pages

PS- Google+ is still important, and if your audience is there, you should be on it…but that doesn’t mean I have to be excited about it!


Happy Halloween: The Scariest Traits a Marketer Can Possess

25 Oct

I’ll admit, I’m not one for scary halloween costumes, as is evident by my choice this year (Toddlers & Tiaras anyone?), but I do love a seasonally themed blog post!

Check out my latest musings on the MPDailyFix blog:

The Scariest Traits a Marketer Can Possess

Things Marketers Need to Get Over: Fear of Video

30 Sep

There, I said it. Stop being such babies. It’s just video, after all! Check out my latest post on MPDailyFix and let me know your thoughts.

3 Reasons Video Isn’t as Scary as it Seems

There is No Content Strategy Sans Senior Team

8 Sep

As amped as you may be to get started with content, it won’t be successful unless you get your senior leaders on board first. Here are a few tips I wrote up for MPDailyFix. Enjoy 🙂

How to Get Your Senior Team Excited About Your Content Strategy

Overused Stock Photos: My First Post is Live on MarketingProfs!

29 Jul

Just a quick note to tell you to check out my very first post on MarketingProfs.com.  Good news! It’s a slideshow, involves very little reading, and is on a topic nearly everyone can relate to!

I hope you enjoy it!

Top 12 Overused Stock Photos

Should I care about Google+?

12 Jul


And I’m not just saying that because I’m a social media nerd. I was not on board with Color or Buzz, never spread my LBS wings past Foursquare and Gowalla. I’m a fan of applications and platforms that work – and Google+ does just that.

Since Facebook has grown to include not only college roommates, but parents, grandparents, nieces/nephews and your random next door neighbor, we have been questioning how to use the network appropriately for all audiences. The truth is, there is no good way to address all of those audiences on a platform like Facebook – that is the true value of Google+

Google+ allows you to segment your audience into circles. What are circles? Think of them as holding areas for your audiences. I have circles for: friends, family, marketing, co-workers, and misc. When I have a cute photo of my dog to upload, that will got to only my family circle. If I want to share my latest blog post, the marketing circle and co-worker circles can both receive my message at once. If I want to share my late night check-in at the local watering hole, that goes to my friends. If you have a general post, it can either be public or you can select only “your circles” which keeps it limited to those you have in your circles.

I cannot wait to see how this network grows and evolves and can’t wait to see what Google has in store for company pages, which will launch at a later date. I am also excited for the network to grow past marketing nerds and early adopters – that will be a true test of its value.

Top Tools for Content Marketers

11 Jul


My former colleague and very good friend, Amanda Maksymiw, just posted this great article and I wanted to share.  In her most recent article, she details her Top Content Marketing Tools and I couldn’t agree more with her list!

Among her suggestions is my all time favorite content marketing/social media tool Co-Tweet.  I even wrote a product recco for the premiere issue of Chief Content Officer Magazine about my love of this tool! Check out my recco here and test Co-Tweet, I’m sure you’ll love it!